Using a Netgear PCI Ethernet card to flash bios.

Hello Friends.

I have an asus b250 plus I bought 3 years ago with the intention of slowly buying other components to build a pc . Unfortunately , I haven’t been having a lot of financial luck and cant buy new components. After browsing this sub I ran across a guide on how to run 8th gen cpus on 200 series motherboard . I did get my hands on an intel i5 8500 from a friend . I used the coffeetime tool to mod my bios . I ran into two problems:

1. You need a 6th gen cpu to flash the modded bios (Which I cant get).
2. The motherboard does not support USB Flashback .

Some websites and have guides on how to flash roms on networkcard .

I was thinking :


Other Images:




I am a beginner at electronics modding . I live in a small town in Africa . Gaming PC Parts , online shopping and ASUS and other major companies tech support is virtually non existent. What do you think ? Is it possible?

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@Mainem60 - You can’t borrow older CPU from someone for one day, or few hours etc?

You may have luck with network card method, not sure, I have never seen or attempted that, nor have I ever seen anyone discuss it.
You can purchase CH341A flash programmer locally, or from China for $3.50 and wait for it to arrive, then you can program chip. If you know how to solder, that is all you need, otherwise you also need SOIC8 test clip with cable.

Or, instead of connecting wires to chip, the header right above that is for programming BIOS through, here is pinout info…header-pinouts/…p-PCIe-x16-slot…uch-ch341a.html

See also, should be same for your B250