Using EFI/Refind to boot NVME ""the system found unauthorized changes on the firmware, operating system or UEFI drivers. Press N ..."

Was finally able to get windows 10 to boot from the nvme after modding my bios didn’t recognize the drive.

Unfortunately I get this error every time, when I press N Refind loads and I can boot up.

“the system found unauthorised changes on the firmware, operating system or UEFI drivers. Press N to run the next boot device, or continue directly to BIOS setup if there are no other boot devices installed”

Interrupts all my restarts as i have to be physically present to press N key… any ideas how to make this go away?

You using refind to boot from your legacy bios?

Just tried changing smartboot from windows to “other OS” and the error goes away but then Refind does not recognize the nvme windows install.

I think what I am doing is using bios to boot from USB with EFI/Refind then I have refind boot the windows 10 install on the nvme. My bios does not recognize the nvme.

This is a common issue due to “Secure boot”
It can be disable in bios our add the .efi path to secure list.

The rEFInd Boot Manager: Managing Secure Boot (

EDIT: Ur a quick reader…do ur own research, the issue was pointed, this is ur task not my time.
Motherboard model has relevance here, a legacy bios or uefi bios, legacy bios has not this option to enable/disable as this is only present in UEFI bioses.

Not able to find the option to disable secure boot. How do I add the .efi path to the secure list? Coudn’t find it mentioned in the link

EDIT: just read that setting the secureboot setting to “Other OS” is disabling it. But then refind does not recognized the nvme windows install unfortunately. I’m sure I installed the secure-boot-free version of it

It sounds like an UEFI BIOS but why you need to boot from refind? Which part you’ve modded in your BIOS? ( as you mentioned earlier )

I modded the bios with nvme drivers as per the threads in this forum to try and boot from my NVME connected via PCI adapter - but it never was able to recognize it despite my efforts and checking over things with Fernando. No idea why.

So I’m using refind to boot as a work-around.

Interestingly, when I disable smartboot by changing the setting to “other OS” (asus bios) there is no more error but Refind doesn’t see my windows 10 install on my nvme. Any fix for this?

There is a guide on how to disable secure boot trash and save the keys to usb drive and after all delete the stored keys.
I’ve no experience with refind on uefi only with legacy to uefi nvme boot

I went read that post… your motherboard has many successful percentage in NVMe mod… as Fernando told you, if no PATA in CSM the mod wasn’t flashed correctly, but this doesnt show when u set UEFI mode, this is normal in this mod on Aptio IV bioses.
Did you flashed again? Its so damm easy on these boards, i made my self some M5A970… all ok.
You just need to set it up in UEFI mode and Secure boot to OTHER OS, (Change later to Win) and perform the OS setup.

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I have double checked and it is inserted into the code that I flashed. It’s beyond my ability to recognize why it’s not working. What do you mean when you says “this doesn’t show when you set to UEFI mode”. Do I have to turn off UEFI to get the drive to show? How do I do that? Do I want UEFI for it to recognzie the nvme or not (as you can tell this is beyond me hahah)

Also frustratingly I can’t set my bios to automatically boot my Refind usb key without uefi - it’s basically an option in my boot menu under advanced settings but I CAN’T set it to the boot priority list. It actually works without the ueif WITHOUT the aforementioned “press n” error when smartbook is disabled.

The NVMe mod has 4 steps: The mod and the flash, checking, OS setup.

Inserted where? In the mod file or a dump? You need to check the current bios in use, so the dump (Witch is currently flashed and in use) not the mod file.
Now if confirmed in the dumped bios (If NOT, then wasn’t flashed correctly), proceed to bios verification.
The method on some motherboard to check if the mod is flashed, is turning on CSM to see if a PATA or PATA_SS device is present in bios, but enable CSM IS ONLY FOR THIS, NOT to install the OS in the NVMe.
To install the OS, CSM must be disable (No ENABLE/NO AUTO = DISABLE/UEFI mode). Now no device will show in bios, its OK, the drive now will be ONLY visible as destination in OS setup (NOT anymore in bios) finish the installation and its done, after the 2nd or 3rd reboot, if desired the Secure boot can now be changed to Windows UEFI.

ALL this notes, steps and tricks, are well documented in Fernando’s guide…but some people tend to ignore…too much reading… and fail over and over.