Using Windows 7 with modern CPU, like Kaby Lake or AMD 2200G

Someone knows already if AMD Ryzen 2200G Vega Models will be supported by Microsoft Windows 7? or will there also be a message “This CPU is nor supported by this Operating System” - like on Kaby Lake Systems?
Some1 can help? How can I deactivate CPU verification so I don’t get this message or a blue-screen on Windows Update?

@jan771 :
I don’t know the answer, but maybe you will get it within >this< thread.

well, there is no answer, but there are drivers available. I just don’t know whether Microsoft blocked AMD CPUs so far in Windows 7. Kaby Lake CPUs were blocked.

kabylake is running, but is just GPU is easy to make it working, but GPU really need complex driver, so try backport official driver Win10 driver, or dead end.

Windows 7 gives ACPI error on Ryzen Raven Ridge Systems.

How to download Windows 7 on Intel Kaby Lake?
1- After successful installation of Windows 7 and Drivers, there is one missing driver named ‘Standard VGA Graphics Driver’.
2- Right Click to missing driver click properties and Click Details.
3- In details there are lots of submenus select hardware IDs.
4- Copy the hardware ID which has minimum characters.
5- Open igdlh64.inf directly and Find your HWID that you copied. After that select the full string and copy it
6- Find the string which contains the text named ‘Windows 7 Install - DT only’.
7- Paste the HWID from full string that you previously copied. (PLEASE PASTE TO THE WINDOWS 7 INSTALL - DT ONLY).
8- Please change the iKBLD_W10 string to iSKLD_W7
9- Save the igdlh64.inf
10- Start installing Intel HD driver.
11- If you get a driver pop-up window please click allow.
12- Restart your PC and enjoy Aero Interface.
NOTE: If your aero interface didn’t enable at startup please change to Aero.
If you don’t want to get message you must install wufuc.