UUID/Serial#/MAC Address in a UEFI bios

@Lost_N_BIOS , thank you for all your hard work.
I am curious about the method that you use to search for the UUID, serial number and MAC address. You mentioned in previous posts <link> that you search some bios modules (SMBIOS, padding etc) to obtain the information. I understand the MAC address is in the GbE region.

(a few days later) answering my own question:
I used UEFITool NE 55 to help figure it out

It looks like they are in 3 areas in the BIOS region and 2 areas in the ME region
I don’t have a parse of the ME region to find out exactly where yet (waiting for UEFITool NE 56)

My Lenovo workstation SPI has 4 volumes of ffsv2
There are 2 NVRAM volumes (the 1st two ffsv2 parsed areas) which look exactly the same to me and seems to be a duplication. Interestingly, this duplication doesn’t exist when you parse the OEM bios, only after you flash it does this happen.
Next, you also find the information in the 4th ffsv2 volume under "SMBiosFlashData"

For my Lenovo system (or more specifically, Microsoft), the binary encoding of the UUID is in mixed-endian format
The first three groups are little-endian, and the 4th group is done in big-endian, followed by the mac address.

The first digit of the 3rd group represented by letter M, is the UUID version, like 1 or 2.
The first digit of the 4th group represented by letter N, is the UUID variant.
The last 12 digits are your MAC address

The UUID is concatinated from the MAC address and a time stamp, to give every single computer on earth with a unique number.