V5WT2 / TE69HW Packard Bell insydeh20 v 3.7 advanced and power tab unlock

Hi there, if there anyone, that can make me do a mod, and better to say how it should be done?
I have V5WT2, discrete GPU perfoms STRANGE (works only with 1 strange version of drivers), so i need to disable it.
I found a way to disable it via EFI Shell with setup_var 0x1E7 0x0 command according to this info from SetupUtility:

But for now it is more interesting for me to do a mod to show up ADVANCED and Power tabs in my bios, BUT i faced to a problem.

My menu tabs is:

information Main Security Boot Exit

Thought, that should searh for: 01 01 01 00 00 01 01 but can’t find anything, it seems to me that i look it in a wrong way.
Any help pleased, but prefered not a ready mod, but an isntructions on how i can do it myself…

Here is my dumps made with 12_2 and 19_7: