Vendor specific rom safe to upgrade?


Own a dental intraoral scanner that runs off of an MSI X99 Raider motherboard. Would like to update the bios but not sure if there are any proprietary keys preventing functionality of hardware. The device is called an Omnicam Cerec scanner made by Sirona. Considering the random instability issues that rarely happen I am tempted to want to upgrade the bios and took a bios dump using fptw64. What I found is that the bios is at the very least pre-release. Using Amibcp found the version to be P.P4 vs the standard bios release by MSI P40 which is much newer. Even the ME firmware version is earlier than the official bios initial release. As far as I can tell the only thing that was modded was a bmp graphic image with company trademark imagery inserted to the bios. So not sure what would happen if I flash the latest P6 version and if its safe to do so?

Have included the dumped bios if anyone would care to take a look.


Got bios down to P0 here:…AIDER#down-bios which do have same µcode and ME (actually P0 and P1)- Only difference in structure is a pad file close to the µcode section, might be added when changing the logo??