Very long boot time with 750 Evo 250GB

Hello friends! I have a strange problem-when restart or power-on computer boot time is up to 10 min! My system is win 10 pro 64-bit 17.09 cpu-intel g4560, 2x4GB Ram ddr 4, Mobo is Asrock b250hdv and two hdd- samsung 750 EVo 250GB and WD 1TB W10EZEX. Check for errors-nothing no bad sectors, no BSOD! Installed on AHCI-mode in BIOS, and samsung magician latest version with rapid mode enabled, latest intel drivers including latest intel AHCI-drivers downloaded from fernando-forum! I have my system before 6 months fresh reinstall and in the beginning startup was very quick-up to 15 sec, but with the time boot time began to bit longer. Please help, tnxs in advance!

@ilianiron :
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Although I do not really know the exact reason for your problem, I recommend to disable the “Rapid mode” of Samsung’s Magician. Since the “Rapid mode” just boosts the benchmark scores (by measuring the speed of your Memory sticks), but doesn’t accelerate the speed of your SSDs while doing your daily work, this will have no negative impact on the performance of your SSDs.
If this should not solve your problem, you may uninstall Samsung’s Magician and look, what happens thereafter.

Dieter (alias Fernando)