Hi and sorry to ask you something so directly. I do have a “BIOS crashed” GTX 680 Phantom (wrong Hex-edited BIOS flashed on). Now I’d like to reprogramm the SPI with my EZP2010. The chip is a Gigadevice GD25Q20T with 256 KB space. My question is:
are you able to build a programmer useable rom of 256 KB size from the BIOS file I found on Techpowerup? I’d highly appreciate your help. The BIOS file is attached…

Thanks in advance and best regards,
hanson (55.4 KB)

In order to build something I would need a before and after image, meaning a rom and a dump from the chip to check how it is expanded. But your problem might be easier to fix. Search in this forum for “blind flash” and build a bootable USB with your above rom. You can use Rufus instead of HP DSFT to create a FAT32 bootable USB, if you want to avoid some steps. Download the attached rar, place the content on this bootable USB, open autoexec.bat and add this line -> nvflash -4 -5 -6 NV680.ROM

You can then boot from it and it will auto-flash this VBIOS you uploaded. Wait a few minutes before rebooting.

NVFlash.rar (438 KB)


unfortunately this won’t work. The card is not detected at all, it is as if there would nothing be installed in the PCI-e slot. Otherwise I would have done the blind flash or something. I have 2 cards but nvflash does not recognize the broken one…

Use the above method with only the broken card installed. If it doesn’t work, just transfer the VBIOS from your other card.

Ok, the problem is that I will have to desolder the chip because my programmer does not support inline programming (USB link is interrupted as soon as I connect the clamp). Next is my other card is a GTX 770 but it should work with that BIOS as they are not too different. Maybe I should get a bus pirate? do you know if that one is able to flash the chip without removal?

Regards hanson

Try connecting the card to another mainboard and do again a blind flash. Maybe try using this method.

If using another mainboard or the backup.rom still gives you the same result, then you must desolder the chip and use a proper dump. But given the fact that you must also desolder the chip from the good card, it is best to use a service that has proper tools and good experience in soldering.


Hi again, so finally I dumped my GTX 770. I had to remove the chip anyway because I tried in line dump on that board and the card was no longer recognized. So now I can provide the original GTX 770 256KB BIOS and also the .rom for the GTX 680. Is that enought to build? As one of the chips has a broken leg I ordered new Winbond W25X20 chips to flash and solder in after. Many thanks in advance and best regards,

hanson (55.4 KB) (122 KB)

Can you also upload the rom for GTX 770, or at least provide the exact card details so I can browse techpowerup collection?

Since the card was no longer recognized after the first attempt of reading, how can you be sure that the bin is intact?

Maybe you should also provide the exact rom that bricked your 680 board and a dump from that chip, to have a better comparison.

Finally, you want a 256KB bin for the GTX 680 card, starting from the rom you uploaded, right? Is your card the same as the rom?


I couldn’t find your 770 BIOS anywhere online, but I think the image only has padding at the end. Here is a test image for you, with some pictures to visually check that everything is in place. I had an older version of Nvidia Kepler BIOS Tweaker, but with 1.27 you will also have voltage control.

G680 test.rar (749 KB)

I will attach the rom

I just hope so :wink: Maybe the chip was blocked due to short circuit or something else. After removal the reading went fine.

I don’t have that image any longer. It was something that I built myself by mixing 680’s original BIOS with the UEFI section from a 770. But something went wrong…

Yes, that’s right. The card is exactly the same

Gainward GTX (122 KB)

Yes, I was right, it only has extra padding. Read the edited message above and flash that image.

So zhis is already good to flash with the programmer, right?

Many many thanks. So maybe I can fix the broken leg of the chip for temporary testing. Otherwise I’ll have to wait until next week when the new ones arrive…

Yes, the image is ready to be flashed with the programmer.


OK, you got me curious with this UEFI update and I investigated on my own. It would haven been easier to flash a full 770 BIOS (see here) instead of gluing two very different parts. The problem with this method is that the 770 VBIOS has higher clocks, so you don’t know if the card will get overclocked or overcooked.

But I managed to get the code from a MSI 680 LN2, which someone used to patch a Gainward 680 Phantom 2GB. The memory doesn’t seem to be a problem, since I’ve compared similar VBIOS versions of 2GB/4GB and they had the same UEFI code. The risk is all yours, of course.

What you must understand is that this UEFI patch only brings UEFI boot suport, don’t expect any other changes. As a matter of fact, you should test your card before and after to check for problems. Attached 2 files, one for nvflash and the other for programmer.

G680 UEFI test.rar (240 KB)

Thanks a lot for your support. I know a bout the UEFI matter, supporting the boot function was exactly what I wanted to unlock… Unfortunately I’ll have to wait for the new chips as mine are broken (VCC leg is damaged). I tried to reassemble them yesterday but no chance. As soon as I can do further testing I’ll let you know.

Best regards hanson

I have been having a similar issue with my PNY GTX 680 4GB- PNY is lazy and does not want to release a UEFI compatible bios for my GPU. Is this something you could help me out with? I’ve really been wanting to get my GPU to load through UEFI, and if you could help me or guide me I would be very appreciative.

I have attached my saved rom and screen shot from my GPU-Z


Thank you for your time (55.4 KB)

@ sdca11b:
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I cannot really help you, because I dont have any experience with a discrete graphics card running in "clean" UEFI mode (CSM disabled), but I found >this< publication. Maybe it is useful for you.



It is plain laziness from them. If it where for Nvidia to write a GOP for each card, I would understand, but when it is as simple as adding a specific flavour of GOP, there is no excuse. Right now, Nvidia it is offering 6 GOPs, one for each generation of cards: GT21X, GF10X, GF119, GK1XX, GM1xx, GM2xx. Some of them also have a MXM version, so at most 12 types of GOPs.

Your card is GK104, so it needs a GK1xx GOP. I have made 2 GOPs for you. The first is version 0x1002B, dated Mar 12 2014, extracted from a GTX770, which was GK104 as well. The second is version 0x1002D, dated Apr 23 2014, extracted from a Quadro K4000, a GK106 card. They should both work just fine, but I thought you should have a choice.

I hope I did everything right, but it is best to read about blind flashing and be prepared for a brick or your card turning into a transformer.

Lastly, if you are not able to flash this rom with original nvflash, there is one in the pack, modded by JoeDirt from, to circumvent the signature. Just replace the one from 5.196 package.

PNY GTX6804GBROM UEFI.rar (804 KB)