[VIDEO] How to get Win7 installed onto modern Intel Chipset systems (with an 8th Gen CPU) plus drivers

Tutorial made by yours trueley

Credit goes to Blood hand for figuring out what to do


Made this thread to help people with the issue

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If you need some certen drivers ask cannon kong, i wont publish all of them since i dont know if he will be okay or not. Also cheers to him for the drivers. I couldnt put in some credits since i lost my vages project file.


This same method will work for windows 8, the only thing you do is edit the driver, with your ids. No signing.

Windows 8 can be installed normally, just as usuasl. In device manager you wont have your 8th gen Intel Grapthics.
Youll need to go to add legacy hardware and add it, make sure to do it as witch one you gace, do that so you wont get "ThiS pC cAnT mEeT tHe MinIuM ReQuIReMeNtS" And jsut installed it in the exe.

I would imagine this method might be able to work on vista, the only issue might be is in the intel section in the hd 620, their is no section for vista, only 7. You could try it as 7, who knows what ill happen. Maybe since their simmalar operating systems. I need to see if it will work.

Heres the usb drivers that worked for me
https://yadi.sk/d/NTg4aRHIJhNR3A Password: xiaofengmod
Usb 3 works on this one for me

This is the ethernet driver that worked for me https://drp.su/en/hwids/PCI%5CVEN_10EC%2...s=windows-7-x64

If this doesnt work for you then just go to device manager, find your ethernet adapter, right click, properties, and go to compatible ids, you need to copy the stuff on the top. And just search for it on the web. Hopfulley one will come up.

To install this just update the ethernet adpater, that currentley isnt working.
Most of this should work the same for wireless internet, you might need to find a custom driver with the compatible device id, becuase when you would go to intels site and download their wireless driver, all it will come up saying is that their is no intel r driver found.

Same might go for bluetooth if you want it as well.
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Gusse ill put this here since Windows 7 was over

@Popoof22 :
Thanks for having made this Video and for having started this new thread, which may help other users to get Win7 properly installed and working with their modern Intel chipset system.
To make it easier to find the required drivers, I recommend to add links to the specific threads resp. posts, where the related download links are located, into the start post.

Ill get to work on that now acutally


Is there an update about this topic?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry for the late reply, but no, since Windows 7 EOL is over and done with. I still have the system on my device but dual booted with windows 8.
I may had considered making a video with the new method of getting the actual enterprise updates for windows 7 but im on to other things at the moment.

>I may had considered making a video with the new method of getting the actual enterprise updates for windows 7 but im on to other things at the moment.
Just use BypassESU from MDL and that’s it. Should be simple enough

Sorry for the late reply, but okay