VMWare microcode updater does not work on Ryzen 5900HS CPU

Hello. I have tried several times but the VMWare microcode updater does not work to update my Ryzen 5900HS CPU to the latest version of microcode.

It most often doesn’t even show up in the Event Viewer as having done anything. Occasionally, it complains about failing to read a file and that there is no newer version (which is untrue).

The information I could find is scarce. I have no idea how to proceed further and don’t feel like modding the BIOS, as I don’t know of any safe procedure to do so. It doesn’t look like ASUS nor Microsoft is planning to update the microcode (of course, sigh).

The current microcode I have is Microcode Update Revision: A50000C
but I have found A50000D and separately a possibly later version if taken from the latest Linux tree /amd-ucode/ (kernel.org)

Running Linux seems to be the solution for this, but I need this to be updated on Windows too.

Can anyone help? Kind regards :slight_smile: