Voltage Control on ASUS P5KPL-AM SE

Hello, as of a few days, i’ve adquired an old socket 775 motherboard, in non working condition, that I was able to fix by bending back a few pins, and I very recently sold my current cpu and motherboard, to prepare myself for a ryzen 4th gen upgrade, and until about november, i’m stuck with this motherboard, I was already able to do a very aggressive overclock, overclocking a core 2 quad q6600 from 2.4GHz, to 2.97GHz, being only limited by the CPU voltage, which I don’t have access to. I would like to know if it’s even remotely possible to costumize the bios to introduce a CPU voltage control, to allow the cpu to go further, I’m not worried about bricking my motherboard, as I have another, although not overclockable, motherboard, and even so, I have an almost equally powerful laptop, thank you all for the attention.

@PinossaurBeast - I only see CPU Vtt/FSB voltage and memory, NB/SB voltages - No CPU core voltage option
Can you see the VTT_CPU Overvoltage setting?

Yes, I can, but it only GOES up to 1.3V, and even if I make it that, the VCORE voltage only goes up to 1.23V, and it doesn’t make my overclock go any further, I don’t believe the RAM is the issue, as I can make it go up to 800MHz, plus the fsb oc, but i run it at 667MHz, to isolate the OC to the cpu