Vostro 5402 Biosmod request

So yeah… This laptop is a waste of silicon. The CPU (i7 1165g7) is locked at 18.7W instead of the advertised 28W so it has less performance than my 7 year old i7-6700. The MX330 throttles at 68C. When bumping it up to 94C it shuts off when it reaches 89C.(Hot Spot reaches 100C)

So… I really wanted a bios mod for it to make it run at 28W and possibly remove the thermal shutdown of the MX330.

Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

So you want the MX330 to get hotter and shutdowns only when it dies… correct, usually thats what more watts do to a solution with only 1 heat spreader/fan exhaust.
Do you know if the motherboard components are prepared for giving and convert such wattage even if exists anything that can be mod?
Have you a schematic of this motherboard to verify that?
You just remembered of a "mod" and issue solved… and money is no issue here, plenty for buying more laptops right?
Im not saying thats impossible but it sounds like users are mixing mods with burgers on MacDonalds
Good luck on your quest.