Vostro V131 add UEFI and secureboot Options

Hi guys, first sorry for my bad english, (i’m from Brazil), I know you’ll think I’m asking for this because of the W11 hype, “in a way it is too” but that’s not the focus. I’ve been working to build a hackintosh on top of V131, It even worked well with clover in legacy and using this bootloader to boot in UEFI mode to hackintosh, but I need to run OpenCore because anothers features not present in clover, and there’s no way I can do it in legacy, I would be very grateful if you can add these options to my bios. (actually what you can add to her I’m grateful, for example if she has the TPM too) excuse my ignorance in this matter but bios mod is not me, I even understand what is some things but how to build no chance Kkkk, and lastly if this is possible, can you teach me how to flash the mod bios? because I believe it will not be a “.exe” file correct?

Thnx in advance.

Edit: i can’t add my bios file here my version is A06, i have the exe file and hdr file of bios in my google drive! I can share this if you need.

Ok friend, your laptop has an AMI APTIO IV bios

Manufacturer - Dell Inc.
Model - Vostro V131
BIOS release - A06 05/03/2013
BIOS platform - AMI Aptio 4

use this tool run it as Admin and upload here the result file :


let me know

Hi Bro,
thnx for your help.
The results are attached.

results20.rar (1.8 MB)