W7 RAID0 on Z390

@Arctucas :
No, it was you, who made the mistake:
You have gotten the *.msi and *.cab file, because you downloaded the "Universal 64bit Intel RST Software v15.9.8.1050". I gave you the advice to download and install the "Universal 64bit Intel RST(e) AHCI+RAID driver v15.9.8.1050 mod+signed by me".

You are correct, it was my mistake.

OK, with the 15.x OROM and EFI, I cannot create a RAID volume, the option does not exist in BIOS.

@Arctucas :
You obviously forgot to restore the required BIOS settings after having flashed the modded BIOS.
1. Set the Intel SATA Ports to "RAID" (the DEFAULT setting is "AHCI").
2. Allow loading preferentially the EFI BIOS modules or set CSM to "Disabled".
3. Store the settings and turn off the computer.
4. After having powered on the PC enter the BIOS. Now you should see the point "Intel Storage Technology".
5. After having entered the related section, you should see the already existing Intel RAID array.

Anyway, I was pondering this, and wanted to ask a question.

If I can create a RAID0 array, and get W7 on it, then what is it about the OROM and EFI that causes it not to boot? It tries to boot, but gives the 0X7B BSOB, why is that not a driver or IRST software issue?

I not making any assumptions, merely asking why it is.

@Arctucas :
Although I still do not know what exactly you have done to get your desired system working, I am pretty sure, that it is not a driver issue, which has caused your problems.
You are to blame for your problems yourself, because you try to combine modern hardware with an outdated OS and that does not fit together.
Windows 7 is a very good OS, but does neither support all features of modern Intel chipset systems nor the NVMe data transfer protocol.
This mismatch got even worse, because you obviously were not satisfied to get 1 or 2 NVMe SSDs running as single (non-RAIDed) disk drives - no, you wanted to run the outdated OS on an NVMe RAID0 array.
I am now out. You obviously know everything better anyway.
Good luck!


I am sorry you feel that way.

I was merely asking for help. Your information had helped me several years ago, so I believed you might be able to help me again.

I do not know everything better, or I would not be asking for your help.

I have done everything you have instructed.

If it does not work, then it does not work, but how will I know until I try?

Again, I apologize for making you angry, that was never my intent.

@Arctucas :
I am not angry, but wasted already too much time for you.
As I already told you: Your current configuration will never work perfectly and you may even get serious problems, if one of your RAIDed SSDs will fail.
My advice: Install Win10 instead of Win7 or run the NVMe SSDs as single (non-RAIDed) ones.

Ensure you have the following = True as well

Enable switching between all IDE/AHCI/RAID modes by changing “Start” Values in these keys to 0 in the registry


Hope you get it, this ^^ is all I can add to the topic

I appreciate the efforts you put forth, and I know you will never get back the time you wasted, for that I sincerely apologize. Also, I am not worried about failing drives, but I appreciate your concern.
I also appreciate your advice, but running W10 is not the point.

Thanks again.