wake on lan not working !

Hi friends. when I shutdown windows 10 network adapter is turning off ( LED isn’t ON or blinking ) the wake on PCIE is enable in bios settings. wol is enable in windows network adapter configuration.MB is asus P8P67. is any idea to fix ?


@Fernando Can anynone help ?

How should I know, whether anybody can help?

I have the exact same problem - but I just WRONGLY updated to Windows 1803 and clean installed the 1709 again - and the WOL worked again BUT … before I was able to STOP the updating it has updated "something" so now WOL wont work !

I have compared the settings in the network adaptor (Advanced tab) to another machine where WOL works and they have the exact same settings !

No light in the RJ45 socket when the mashine is shut down for the night.

What the heck is wrong here and how do I cure the problem ?

EDIT: By chance I found out it has to do with the power cord … when NO lights in the RJ45 socket, I have to pull the plug for a minute or two and then put it in again - then ther WakeOnLAN works again !