[Wanted] BIOS for AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Graphics Card

The bios of the display card has two switches
I only backed up the bios of the left switch (performance mode)
I forgot to back up the bios of the right switch and lost it (power saving mode)
I tried to find it on techpowerup.com but there is nothing
Please help me!

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Topside Captain

Ask over at TPU forums too, and OCN, maybe someone will have this card
If you can’t find, shoot email to the company too, maybe they will send you copy
Find some ebay sellers w/ used/open-box, and ask them if they will kindly dump one for you, maybe you will get lucky and find a nice seller who would oblige (like I would if you asked and I was seller!)

@ket - do you have, or know someone that does??

I just went to register for an ebay account
But I can only send one message a day to one user
I hope the person who received the message can help me

Also which website are you referring to as “OCN”?

I really spent a lot of time looking but couldn’t find the BIOS file I needed

One message a day, to one user?? Wow, must be some new thing to stop spam, only for new users?
OCN = Overclock.net
Also, as mentioned, be sure to ask at TechPowerUp forum too

You can just make your own power saving mode BIOS if you wanted, did you consider that?


I followed your advice and went to the OCN website for help
but did not receive any reply
I also tried to write an email to AMD officials and attached a photo of my graphics card
But I didn’t receive any reply either

The VEGA BIOS file will not work with any modification of the graphics driver.

I hope you can help me
Thank you again!

It’s the holidays, give it some time and in few days maybe someone will reply
Did you make a thread at TechPowerUp forum too?

I meant to modify the vBIOS, not the drivers, to make your own power saving BIOS from the other BIOS.
You can use the tool provided in last few pages of the thread linked below to make this BIOS yourself

Also, did you look through all pages of this thread you posted in? Maybe some owner you can find there with same card, or link to BIOS you need
I see link to other model BIOS on last page, so surely in the other pages there is more BIOS linked too. Also, on page one of this thread, post one, at the bottom, LOTS of BIOS posted

I sent an email to AMD official service support
But the official only gave me a 220w BIOS
This is not what i want

So, I had to buy another FE from eBay
It’s okay to buy a card with such a beautiful appearance.

@jordanpchome - Sorry to hear, did you explain you needed FE version power saving vBIOS? I would have kept on them, especially since they actually replied with a file to begin with
Sorry to see no one in any forums was able to help

I received another vega fe today after
I found that the bios file is the same after the left and right switch backup
The ebay seller said he has never flashed any bios
According to the article on tonymacx86.com, this 200w bios does exist


Anyway, I’ve written to ask AMD’s technical support mailbox
I hope there will be a reasonable explanation for everything

Hey man if you still need it I have a vega fe so I can copy the bios and send it to you if you need jt

Ask Buildzoid.