What AHCI driver do I use for my x470 Taichi Ultimate?

Sorry, I’ve never used a motherboard that wasn’t for intel cpus and was wondering what AHCI driver I should be using for the x470 Taichi Ultimate?

Also is it worth using the additional ASmedia sata drivers or those have bad performanced compared to the chipset ones?

EDIT: Also I am using 64 bit windows 10

Use the ones built for Windows. If you’re using RAID, then use the latest on AMD’s website.

As for the ASMedia ports, those are only good for ~400MB/s. So keep them to HDDs and optical drives.

Can you link me? Or do you mean the one that windows 10 automatically gives me?

@woken :
Simple Tech certainly meant the Win10 in-box MS AHCI driver named storahci.

Hey Fernando, thanks for taking the time to comment here.

Sorry I’m not familiar with this terminology used, "Win10 in-box MS AHCI driver named storahci"
Does this mean the windows 10 ahci driver that is given to me by default?
So I shouldn’t go out of my way and download and install an AHCI driver manually?

Yes and yes!

Yes and yes!

Okay thank you Fernando!

I know this may have seemed like a very naive question to ask, but I just wanted to be thorough.
Ever since I have found this website around 6 years ago and used the AHCI drivers for my x58 motherboard that you suggested on these forums I have noticed great stability and performance for my aging computer!
Because of this I have been using your suggestions almost as a religion when setting up my personal computer or any computer for friends or families.

Thank you so much for all your time, dedication, kindness to help this community and spreading such great information for everyone to have for free!