What AMI BIOS settings to edit to allow boot with alternate CPU/eGPU?

Hi all. I am looking for settings within my AMI Aptio V BIOS that may be preventing boot of the system using an ‘unsupported’ CPU. With a compatible CPU, the system boots up as expected. However, I’ve swapped processors and the system doesn’t appear to pass POST (keyboard & mouse do not light up).

The standard processor for this system is an APU (AMD processor with integrated graphics). I am trying to enable CPU support and external graphics. The external graphics work when an APU is socketed. I also have the correct microcodes for the CPU added to the BIOS.

Are there setting which can be altered in the BIOS to prevent POST checking things (like checking for a compatible CPU or looking for an integrated GPU)?


Sometimes, there is a setting for this, but I don’t think it has anything to do with your case, which I do remember your other thread. Did you swap in another Agesa or not?
Please link me to your mod BIOS that you’ve been using. I will look and show you this setting that I sometimes see hidden.

* Edit - Never mind, I found your other thread, and looked in the BIOS, no such setting that I was thinking about, all debug items in folder I was thinking about have names removed.
Sorry, nothing I can do to help on this, other than to suggest you may also need to update/swap Agesa and all it’s related modules too. (Which I can\t help with, but I think there is a thread about this at overclock.net)