What Are Some Cheap Quad CPU's For 1151 or 1150

Hey All!

I am never up to speed on what random little nuggets of ES or odd Xeons are out there floating around, and I know some/many of you guys are.
I have a Z87 and a Z170N, trying to find a cheap Quad for either of those, but don’t know those odd/random models or how to easily find them on ebay.
Quad and QC + 1150 or 1151 searches in CPU and server/CPU only bring out the usual well known models.

I know, to go cheap I may need to stick with Z87, OK by me as long as I can get back into a quad, I’ve been stuck on G3258 long enough and need my quad speed back!

Show me the money, I mean the random/xeon/ES cheap models


What is cheap? I would search for chinese or japanese sample seller on ebay and buy a CPU like this. But take a look at the sspec, not all of them are working on every z170 board / bios.





Why didn’t you send me a PM. :slight_smile:

I thought working in a computer store you’d know every CPU lurking around???

But let me know what your Z87 and Z170 MBs Brand/Model are.

I’ll give you the best one I’d pick.


Btw I never got that G3258 Anniversary Edition CPU. I thought it was gimmicky and they killed off XP graphics driver support for the iGPU at least officially so I despised Haswell for the longest time. :slight_smile:

I’m curious now if that XP Embedded driver works for XP 32-Bit now that you got that CPU and it does have the Intel HD Graphics in it. Care to test it out? :slight_smile:

@oldirdey - thanks, I make CPU work on BIOS, that’s my job So I don’t worry about that so much
Cheap to me, unsure, but half of mainstream price or less would be ideal. All of those you linked, are probably twice what I was thinking

@XPLives , I just don’t keep up on models and the oddities/Xeons/ES etc, there’s too many CPU’s out there
Board brand or model doesn’t matter, so shoot me some model names or ES links etc. Yes, I think the G3258 I picked up for it’s gimmicky-ness too and the price, it was cheaper to get into 1150 that way.
I first paid maybe 40-50 for a used one, then someone sold me one for $12 shipped that wasn’t working for them properly (No issues with it that I’ve ever seen). So I sold the $40-50 one and been using the $12 one ever since

I could setup XP as a test on a spare SSD if you wanted. If you want me to check it out, please explain how you want XP setup (ie all updates, or only SP’s) and then what else you want me to install, drivers, etc. and what you want me to check/test.


I PM you my CPU pick for Z87 if the $$$ wasn’t the issue. :frowning:

But for the XP test use XP SP3 and it can be installed in IDE or AHCI mode doesn’t matter.

After XP is installed then use Device Manager to install the XP Embedded Graphics driver as a test to see it works in XP.

If the video works you can test if 3D gaming graphics works and if you got HDMI you could also test HDMI out to HDMI TV with audio.

Supposedly this driver works but I only bought a Xeon Z87 CPU so I can’t test it like your G3258 that has the Intel HD Graphics chip. :slight_smile:

$$ is the issue, title says “Cheap”

OK, once time permits I can test this XP stuff for you. Please link me to what driver you want tested

I have HDMI to monitor only and do not have the patience to try and test HDMI audio with anything, sorry


Yes $$$ always is… It’s a shame that CPU I recommended hasn’t dropped to <$40. 4C/8T no ugly iGPU wasting power or adding heat. One day…

Here’s the driver that I believe supposedly works on Haswell and possibly Broadwell. Not sure if it works on Skylake+.

I haven’t tested it on any of these so whatever happens will be interesting news.

You probably won’t need to test HDMI audio but just see that the driver itself is installed correctly and showing up in the Device Manager and listed as working since you don’t have an HDTV with speakers.

Once installed correctly in Device Manager you can then confirm it’s working by going to Control Panel
Sounds and Audio Devices
See if you can see
"Intel(R) Display Audio listed.

If not reboot the machine after the driver was installed successfully and look again.

Driver Link here:

The HDMI Audio driver will be located in the HDMI folder point to this file:

You must install the MS UAA driver first before any HDA devices will show up. Usually this driver is built into XP SP2/SP3 and installed automatically. Then you will see the other devices show up with ? that need drivers.

To help identify which is the Intel HDMI Audio device look for the Hardware IDs, Compatible IDs for the following:

Even $50-60 might be OK, but much above that doesn’t sound ideal to me.
Thanks for the test layout, once I get this board/CPU out and something else in it’s place I will test for you.

in this price range it´s better to take a look for 1150 cpu.


I could recommend that Xeon dual core I got in my Z87 that uses 13 Watts and costs <$40 on eBay. It does have 4 Threads so I’m not sure if that kind of helps. I think your G3258 is just 2C/2T.

Nevermind. Passmark is showing it’s double the performance so you’re still better off with your G3258 A even though it uses 4 times the wattage.

If you had an X99 there’s a nice 8C/16T Xeon 55W that might be worth it. Maybe 2 more years these prices will start tanking.

The X299 and up run way too hot. No low wattage models.

you can get 8 or 12 core 3647 cpu for 15€, but they have the same problem as cheap x99 cpu, you need an expensive mainboard. xeon 1620 v3 are sold for $30 on ebay, but you have to pay $100-$150 for a used x99 motherboard.

What does ‘a cheap Quad’ mean? Even a i5-44x0 would qualify as a “Quad”, wouldn’t it?

I have a 2nd-hand PC at my home for my little kid. It’s using the H81 mainboard with Intel G3420 and 4GB RAM. It’s too good for my kid to surf the web and watch Youtube. But my work at my APKNite company is too much, so I have to work at home sometimes. This old PC can not afford me to do work. What CPU should I replace?

@lfb6 - yes, those would qualify, thanks.

@COPYCAT - Unsure, maybe others will chime in to advise you