What are the current state of Win 7 working on Intel 12/13th Gen motherboards

What roadblocks haven’t been solved? From research over the past month, I’m seeing that it’s not possible to get it working on new Intel boards without community drivers, and even then not everything is working correctly? 13600k was definitely my first choice CPU so I’d like to know what sacrafices I would have to make (what stuff doesn’t work) if I were to try to go this route?

Thank you.

I you not use mod bios , 12/13 th Gen CPU single core MAX frequency can not active. Also you can overclock to sync max frequency.

I appreciate your answer, thank you. Gonna be honest though, I’m having a bit of trouble understanding. Here is what I think you said:

“I don’t think you need to use modded bios. Single thread/core performance MAX frequency cannot be achieved, unless you do it by overclocking to the max frequency.”

When I posted this question, what I was wondering was - is it possible to get 13th gen CPU on like a Z 690 motherboard with all the drivers working? (Is it necessary to use community drivers, or is there a tutorial for modding drivers ourselves?) I see people on this forum (and reddit) always recommending Ryzen over Intel for Win 7 and just wanted to understand why that is because I really wanted 13600k but if it’s too hard or too many things don’t work still, I will be forced to go with Ryzen.

Thank you again!

Windows 7 will work, but it depends on the board you get. Gigabyte and Az Rock will throw an ACPI BSOD, and if I’m remembering correctly, it is very difficult to solve. Lenovo Ideapad (such as those with 11th Gen Tiger Lake with Intel Iris Xe) also produce an ACPI BSOD that I have yet to get past.

You may have better luck with Dell and Acer. Besides ACPI errors, there will be no Intel graphics unless @canonkong can figure something out, so an external PCI-E Graphics card is a must. All the internal hardware for things like WiFi will need to be swapped out as well. Touchpad will be no function due to lack of Intel Serial IO I2C HID driver unless that can be modded to support Intel Generations 7th-13th, so a USB and/or PS/2 (if your board supports it) mouse to get through everything will be needed.

USB and NVMe will not be an issue as there are modded drivers kicking around for both. Make sure you have most of the updates up to 2016 or 2020 for best results.

If you’re curious about 8.0 and 8.1. 8.0 will for sure work with modded ACPI, and 8.1 should just install without ACPI mod unless something has changed since Tiger Lake (as 8.1 installs flawlessly on that generation).

I would love modded Intel graphics drivers for such platforms as Intel Iris Xe and Intel UHD 7xx, but idk if that would be possible.

Thank you very much for this detailed and helpful response!

It seems like my main concern is USB and NVME then. I’m glad there are modded drivers, but is there a tutorial so we can take official drivers and mod them ourselves? I’m not comfortable using drivers that someone else modded (unless there is some way to prove they are safe.)

Thank you again!