What are these UEFI variables? (DmiVar, AcpiReset, MeSetupStorage...)

Can somebody explain what are these UEFI variables used for?
Can I delete any of them safely?

-DmiVar0100011a00 (a lot of these variables with different numbers)

I appreciate if you can make any small contribution

This module likely handles the setup and configuration of CPU-related features. It may include settings for various CPU parameters and capabilities.

This module could be responsible for applying one-time fixes or adjustments to the system policy related to the System Integration (SI) subsystem.

It seems to be related to updating a count variable. The purpose could vary based on the specific implementation, but it might be involved in tracking or managing updates.

This module likely deals with ACPI and handles the resetting of certain variables related to ACPI.

This module is probably involved in managing or storing setup information related to the Intel Management Engine

This appears to be a variable (possibly related to Desktop Management Interface) with a specific GUID=0100011a00

This module may handle the setup and configuration of advanced features related to Intel’s Integrated Clock Controller (ICC). ICC often deals with clocking and power management.

It could be related to enabling or controlling the behavior of a specific driver, possibly associated with handling hardware interrupts.

This module likely involves monitoring and maintaining a count related to the health of certain drivers

This module likely gathers and provides information about the Intel Management Engine present in the system. It might expose details about ME version, status, or capabilities.

But i’m really not sure

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