What drivers for Samsung 980 Pro and Corsair MP600?

Hello, I just built a new system, Asus TUF X570 GAMING Pro and filled up both M.2 slots, the top slot with the 980 Pro and the bottom slot with the MP600. At Samsung’s website there are no drivers for the 980 Pro or Corsairs for that matter.

What drivers would be best overall for performance of both SSD’s? And where do you download them from? Thanks


@SkOrPn :
Hello Rod, I am sorry about my late reply (I missed your request).
According to my own test results with different NVMe SSDs from different manufacturers the best performing drivers for nearly all NVMe SSDs (except the Intel ones) are the Samsung ones (currently latest: v3.3.0.2003 dated 01/21/2020).
You can grab them from >here<.
Although the NVMe Controller’s HardwareIDs of the latest Samsung NVMe SSDs like the 980 or 980 Pro are natively not supported by the currently latest Samsung NVMe driver, you can get it installed
a) either by forcing the installation of the WHQL driver (choose the “Let me pick…” driver update option, press the “Have Disk” button, navigate to the Samsung NVMe driver folder and press “Continue”) or
b) by using the mod+signed generic variant of the Samsung NVMe driver (don’t forget to import the Win-RAID CA Certificate and to set a “Restore Point” before starting the driver update!)

Thank you Fernando. I didn’t realize I wasn’t using the Samsung driver yet. So tomorrow I am going to try installing it and do some tests. Today I did some tests using CDM before and after installing the new firmware and got no improvements of any kind so maybe after installing the Samsung driver I will see better results.

So are you saying that I can use the Samsung drivers also on my Corsair MP600? I wasn’t aware that NVMe SSD’s were such a universal hardware like that. Thanks for doing so much testing for the rest of us out here. Your data gained and shared is invaluable. Thank you…


humm, had the same problem, gonna try this too, thanks!

Currently use the MSI Spatium M480 2TB with Phison E18 controller like Corsair MP600 Pro - but can not find any driver from MSI website. So I believe that the Windows 10 already have native NVMe driver. Dual booted with Linux Mint with zero issue.