What is the right FileNames of OptionsRoms in the orig. Bios?


I have a Asrock Z77 Extreme 6
There are a lot of ModBios versions with new Sata controller , Intel microcode, network adapter. everything is just what third party.

But even there no more support from the guys . its ok i can it self learn :wink:

I use the tool MMTool for UEFI BIOS ,to flash the ASMEDIA SATA106xx OptionsRom . There now came a new firmware out 3.02.

To do so invites the normal bios in the MMTool and then put the BIN of OptionsRom to the right place with " REPLACE "

Now I know from many reading that it was at the entry "CSCore" ASMEDIA , this is the file name in the bios for this ASMEDIA SATA 106xx .

But now I will update the network adapter and other OptionsRoms with new bios , so ask for me, if anyone knows the names of the respective OptionsRoms in the Bios , so I do not have to search long now .

Can you understand me what i mean? :wink:

So, looking for the File Names of OptionsRoms in Asrock z77Extreme 6 original Bios to replace there:

Network Adapter Broadcom
Intel Manegement Engine
CPU Microcode Update
maybe even Intel onboard graphics card, I do not know whether there übehaupt goes .
Intel Sata Controller RAID AHCI


Sorry for my bad Englisch

Why don’t you use just UEFI-BIOS-Updater
[Tip] Easy BIOS Modding with the "UEFI BIOS Updater"

As far as I know “CSCore” is the section name, you find right “OptionsRoms” by VenId and DevId.

@ ModRekrut:
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All Option ROM modules of UEFI AMI BIOSes usually are within the file named CSMCORE and don’t have an individual name.

Not all of these modules are OROMs and can be found within the CSMCORE file (examples: Intel ME and CPU MicroCodes).


That is correct. Only be the shown VendorID and DeviceID the different OROM modules can be distinguished, which are within the CSMCORE file.

Great Job Friends

Ok i try the Tool and its nice and very easy but its only flash the oroms there is in there. is there a newer rom and its not in tool then i must programing batch.
the roms are updated regularly?

ok, again learned something about
if I csmcore extract, then I see only the asmedia106x and no other roms?
What am I doing wrong?

Then, I also tried using the tool, which has recommended to me “saglamtimur” to update the asmedia. the tool is the version 0.954 currently is 3.02. I have therefore changed the file Asmedia106x.bin in ORoms folder under SATA and renamed it the same as it should be.

at trial of the updates is the first passage id611 with ok completed the second id612 hangs.

The only difference I was able to see the file size was. 3.02 has 34kb 0.954 has 32kb, that’s the problem?

@ ModRekrut?

Why do you try to update everything at once? It will be much better and safer, if you update just the Controller OROMs, which will bring you more performance or stability.
Remember: "Newer is not always better!"
I do not recommend at all to flash the ASMedia Firmware v3.02.
1. It is dated July 2012, that means not new.
2. Other users reported about severe problems after having flashed it.

Since you may be right, but have the new is not always better my experiences tell me that brings current and ever better performance.
I use windows 8.1 and hence it should be optimal.
for example:

I have an ASUS GTX 670 with original BIOS. I wanted to use FastBoot what did not work, because the graphics card is not supported by the BIOS.
Asus did then after some time a GAP Bios out. Now go FastBoot.
I read a lot before I flash versions but usually I have never had a problem with new firmwares, no matter how old or new;-)

Is just a crazy hobby