What kind of clips I need to use for Winbond W25Q256JWEQ

I have CH341A bios programmer and I want to flash the Winbond W25Q256JWEQ bios chip.
The chip is too wide and too flat. The regular SOP8 clips are too small.

This is the bios chip of MSI A520M-A Pro
I found that MSI A520M-A Pro and MSI B550M-A Pro are the same motherboards but with different bios versions. Even the name “A520M-A Pro” or “B550M-A Pro” is just a sticker glued to the board.
MSI A520M-A Pro has 7C96v18 (version 180)
MSI B550M-A Pro has 7C96v26 (version 260)
I want to flash A520 to B550 to unlock PCI-e 4.0 support.
Of course, if the bios of B550 can’t work on A520 and brick the motherboard I’ll flash the bios of A520 using CH341A programmer.
But to test it I need some clips for that wide bios chip.
Here is the picture of the bios: i.imgur.com/DI7labw.jpg (sorry, I’m new and I can’t post links)