What Programs Do You Want To See Me Develop Next?

I’m in need of ideas and want to bring someones idea to life.

An automatic patcher that will unlock Insyde/AMI Aptio/Phoenix features and will also patch MSR for Hackintosh. That would be nice. This could rape UEFITool (the extractor) for this.

WD usb hdd’s have a tweak to keep them from spinning down. Their ‘blue’ 2.5" (laptop) drives dont. Western Digital cant, or more likely wont offer this function. On quite a few other forums, this is a common gripe.

Come up with something to ‘fix’ this issue.

I have a ‘Dune 303D’ media player, & after pausing/stopping for more than 5-7 seconds, the drive spins down, giving an annoying lag in playback upon re-starting.


Might be able to help with that, if i can find the exact reason why it spins down, it is just lack of drive activity?

The hdd shuts down/stops spinning after 7 (or so) seconds of inactivity.


I can just make a program that keeps the HDD working on minute tasks that keeps it still going never going into inactive mode.