Whats the Best Way to Clean Erase a SSD before Selling It

Just wondering whats the best way to Clean Erase a SSD or any Hard Drive before selling them to be sure all the data on it can not ever be recovered.

@NIK1 - SE (Secure Erase) Command, this is internal instruction to the SSD to reset all cells.
What is your SSD? Does the manufacturer provide a SSD application for your drive? If yes, those usually have a built in function for this

Some modern motherboard BIOS also have a built in function to access these commands in the SSD and issue SE command to the SSD controller.

The hard drives in the pc I am selling has a Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB, a M2 Samsung SSD 960 PRO 512GB,a M2 Force MP500,and 2 normal sata hard drives,a TOSHIBA MQ01ABD050,and a WDC WD1003FZEX-00K3CA0 .I saw in Samsung Magician you can make a secure erase USB tool.Would this work ok.Never used this before.Also in my Asus bios I saw something in there that said Asus Secure Erase.I think this might be for SSD drives only.Not Sure…And the two big Sata drives,the WD and Toshiba.Whats the best way to do them?

Yes, that would work for the Samsung drives. Toshiba and WD make a disk wipe tool too, unsure about for SSD though you’ll have to read about those on their site.
Or yes, as I mentioned, and you noticed, you can use the built in BIOS tool too. For SSD, it’s a simple command sent to the SSD controller chip and then the chip does the rest by automatic programming per set standards, so what software you use or how you invoke that command doesn’t matter, cells will be reset the same no matter what.

For regular HDD, you can use any “Wipe” Software and choose an amount of times to overwrite the drive and what kind of data to write over it with. The more times, the longer this takes obviously.
For this, I use killdisk, but there is plenty of other tools that all do the same (one in the news past three years = Bleachbit )

Thanks for the info…I will give killdisk a go on the regular driver…It sounds like it does the job good…

You’re welcome! Yes, if you can’t find KillDisk, google alternatives for that and you will find plenty

You can try WipeDrive Home - it’s free.