Where is Lost_N_BIOS

He hasn’t been around since the 20th, is he on vacation?

Although I don’t know the concrete reason for his absence, all Forum members and visitors should keep in mind, that Lost_N_BIOS has been online each day from the early morning to the late evening for a very long time (until 01/12/2021) trying to help other users to solve their BIOS problems resp. to fulfill their BIOS modding requests.
He really deserves a break.

Can you do the bios mods

I HAVE A Lenovo Legion 5i laptop

can you unlock the bios for me?

@liteon6x : To whom did you address your request? As long as Lost_N_BIOS is not online he cannot read it.


I was asking if you can do the mod?

@liteon6x : I have never modded BIOSes on user’s request and with my age I will not start doing it.
By the way - I learned everything by doing it myself. It always gave me a good feeling to know more about the BIOS modding technique and risks. Furthermore I avoided this way to be dependent on an expert, who is able and willing to offer the ready product instantly after having read my wishes.