Where to get latest Firmware for ASUS TPM-M R2.0 Module (13 PIN)?

I currently have firmware version 5.63.3144 on this module. is there any newer firmware for the Asus TPM-M R2.0 module ? If so ,where can I download it. It has an Infineon chip .This is a 13 PIN module. But this is firmware from the year 2018. Maybe there is a more recent version ? (year 2023,2024 for example)

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There’s a post ref here to a 5.63.3353.2

Here is link latest Infineon Firmware (TPM20_5.63.3144.0_to_TPM20_5.63.3353.0.BIN):


Credit goes to Prema Mod for making it available.

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Thanks for the posts . Firmware update has succeeded

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I have an Asus Rampage V Extreme with 20-1 pin TPM module with 5.63.3144 firmware. Is the firmware 5.63.3144 to 5.63.3353.0 for the 14-1 pin, also compatible with 20-1 pin Asus TPM module? Anyone knows? I can try soon…

@karakarga I would suggest you read this thread:

Asus / Infineon TPM firmware update?

In that thread guho2003 says:

My Asus 20-1 pin TPM module came with very new TPM 2.0 firmware 5.63.3353.

It does look likely but I can’t test to confirm it - you try at your own risk.

rasmorthil detailed the process they used to update the firmware here.