Where to learn driver modding

Is there any place where I could learn driver modding? It’d help in the long run.

What do you mean with “driver modding”?

Each “pure” (extracted) driverpack usually consists at least of 3 files:
1. a .SYS file (= the real driver itself, can only be opened and modified by a Hex Editor)
2. an
.INF file (= associated information text file with detailed instructions for the OS how to install the driver and how to manage the related device, can be opened and modified by any Editor)
3. a *.CAT file (contains the digital signature of the driverpack, the signature will be destroyed by any modification of the original *.SYS or .INF file)

It is very easy to modify the
.INF file to make the driverpack fully compatible with a certain, natively not supported device:
Open the related *.INF file with Notepad, find the section, where the supported HardwareIDs are listed, add the missing HardwareIDs and save the altered file.
The problem is, that your modded driver may not be accepted by the OS, because it has lost its digital signature by your work. A solution would be to give the driver a new digital signature, but this procedure is an extra one and not part of the driver’s modification.

Really difficult is a modification of the driver itself (the *.SYS) file by using a Hex Editor. This is necessary, if the .SYS file should be not compatible with the related device or the desired OS. Since I have never modified any '
.SYS file, I cannot give you any advice how to do it.

Alright, thanks!