Where would one find bios modules to download?

Hi all,
If I were to manually update some of the bios modules in the attached file, where would I find those modules?
Please note that the attached bios image comes from a bay trail tablet.
Would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

@nouriassafi :
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This is what the UBU tool shows after having opened the BIOS file:

AMI Aptio V BIOS BayTrail modules.png

To be honest I do not recommend to update anything manually (it will be too risky!).
My tip: Wait for a new BIOS version, which will be delivered by the tablet manufacturer.
Dieter (alias Fernando)

You would have to do the modifications manually. I can see what newer stuff I have when it comes to ValleyView and attach them here but only that. Everything else will be up to you afterwards. If you are ok with that then I’ll see what I have.