Which Intel RSTe ROM/EFI module for ASUS E3 Pro Gaming V5?

My current contents are (ASUS 2606 newest BIOS from 2018):

EFI Intel RSTe for SATA -
OROM Intel RSTe for SATA -

Intel RSTe GUID 91B4D9C1-141C-4824-8D02-3C298E36EB3F

It’s a C232 chipset which I guess would be most similar to a B150 ?!


EDIT by Fernando: Thread title shortened and mainboard model name corrected

Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (RSTe)

Intel EFI “RaidDriver” BIOS Modules

EDIT: CAREFUL, check device ID.

The use of this ROM (RSTe) only impacts a system that uses RAID, not standard AHCI.

Device ID A102 is when AHCI

Dont think there is a ROM update for ur RSTe (ID A102).

I was able to replace it with 8086-2826 Intel RSTe RAID found on win-raid.com:
at /t19f13-Intel-EFI-quot-RaidDriver-quot-BIOS-Modules-39.html

It seems to work, when in SATA mode I still see my SATA drive, and when in RAID mode I also see it, except my SATA BD-ROM goes missing :slight_smile: