Which tool and how to do for flashing a correctly modded Asus H170 pro bios file ?

Does anybody know which tool to use and how to do to flash a correctly moded Asus H170 pro bios ? This motherboard is very hard to flash with a correctly modded bios (security checks in bios EZTool , no BIOS flashback system etc.).
The bios I modded is latest version (ver. 3610) with latest Intel Rapid Storage OROM (version 16). it was done with UBU tool and AMITOOL 5.2.
Only the Option ROM (both UEFI and Legacy part) is correctly modded in a file called "ASUS-H170-PRO.cap".
Thanks in advance

AfuWin 32 or 64bit version is your program. Your BIOS is UEFI AMI BIOS. But you should be 100% sure, that this BIOS is OK. This tool checks only size and that is AMI BIOS, so use it smart. Tool can skip Intel Management Engine Interface, if no need update.

Are you sure, that the v16 platform Intel RAID modules will work with your Intel 100-Series Chipset system?
By the way - >this< is the guide you should follow.

My work PC is intel H110M /Gigabyte H110M-S2H/ and work with 16.3, latest Intel RAID modules.

@simeongg :
What means “work”?
Are you running your system drive in RAID mode?
Have you created a RAID array and does the Intel RAID Utility show it?

I don’t use RAID, I have one SSD and one normal HDD 2TB. But options in BIOS for AHCI are the same latest BIOS 15.xx and 16.3 modded. I use latest UBU tool version and put them in user folder. And for first time UBU do all things automatic. I mean, before I should remove NVMe driver, because I don’t use it, because when update modules get error, there is no free space from MMTool. Now all 2 modules get updated without, this error.

And work PC is my PC at work. In Bulgarian there is such sentence, not sure how is English.

@simeongg :
Thanks for your reply.
As long as you haven’t set the SATA mode of your on-board Intel SATA Controller within the BIOS to “RAID” mode, the updated Intel RAID BIOS modules will not be used by your computer at all.
Consequence: They do not “work” within your specific system. They are only successfully flashed into the BIOS without any benefit for you.
By the way: To get more space within the BIOS for future updates of important BIOS modules, you can completely remove the Intel RAID EFI and OROM modules.

Where AHCI option control then? In which BIOS module?

Modern Intel Chipset systems like yours don’t have and don’t need any Intel AHCI EFI or Option ROM module within the BIOS.
As long as the Intel SATA Controller has been set to IDE or AHCI within the BIOS, you can boot off any SATA connected system drive (no loading of any IDE or AHCI BIOS module happens).

To be honest, just check raid mode and works equal with 15.xx and 16.3. I test it with with two old 2x 320GB SATA drives. Thanks @Fernando you motivate this :slight_smile: