Which type of antenna do I need to watch TV on my HP Laptop?

Hello everyone and sorry for my English, I am Spanish and I don’t have much command of the language. I recently bought the 20.1-inch HP HDX 9350ES for 130 euros, which has an integrated TV, Blu-ray, HDMI and Nvidia graphics card in very good condition. What I would like to know is what type of antenna I need to be able to watch the TV channels that are broadcast here, is it a normal antenna? Or other type? I thank you for the help

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Spanish from where… South America ou Spain
The integrated TV has a built in MPEG digital decoder unless it’s a piece of museum…, in that case you need an external Digital Decoder before the input on the system, all aerial broadcasts are now digital in Europe so it should be able to sync aerial and cable services, just like a modern LCD TV does.

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Spanish from Spain, yes, it has a TV decoder but I don’t have an antenna and I wanted to know if any normal TV antenna works for me, thank you very much for the answer

“Normal” TV was all changed to digital broadcast in Europe…no more analog signals, already explained.
Its indeed a piece of museum, the TV Tuner is Hybrid and should work with current aerial broadcast signal.
ds_hdx.pdf (hp.com)

Excuse my little knowledge, I go into the TV configuration and I can’t find digital channels, so if it’s not too much to ask of you, what would I have to do to be able to watch current digital TV or if it’s already impossible to know, I appreciate your help.

Sir, i don’t have such system, i don’t know which software that HP system uses for TV tunning.
Look for User Manuals of the product, for user clarification on how to operate the TV settings and software used to tune in the signal.
Good luck.

HP Pavilion HDX Entertainment Series Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide
Wayback Machine (archive.org)

Sorry to bother you, do you any guidance for this user, thank you.

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Thanks for the reply friend , i wait for the user you quote

I’m not much into the TV stuff, sorry. But the last time I used my antenna was this one.

I think it was a DVB-T2 signal here in Ukraine, but I used a different mPCIe TV tuner. It was this one TBS7220 DVB-T2/T/C TV Tuner mini PCIe
Don’t know what kind of a signal is spread in Spain, but I would recommend you trying out different antennas one by one until you eventually figure out the right one.


@remdale @Diego86
Same as Spain (unless provinces differs), it’s all now (Since 2018 if not mistaken) TDT (Terrestrial Digital Television) which requires a digital decoder (MPEG), present in all current TV’s or a set top-box for old analogue tv’s. Users can try, like you, a home internal antena when close to a broadcast point in the area or an aerial antena, most country’s/provinces TDT information center can provide channels/frequencies info for quick tune.
By default, specs of this user HDX, if contains original hardware, the PC TV card is hybrid so it can tune analog and digital signals.
So, when this system came out, Windows Vista was the new thing… and HP provided Media Center own apps to integrate WMC of Vista, that was the app used to tune in… this user didn’t provided any info on the TV card or OS installed and i do not expect any app updates or new from HP regarding new OS.
Thank you remdale for your assistance, all the best for both.

No problem. Always glad to help with this beast.
By the way, do you have this laptop too? Waiting for any upgrade options?

Oh, no sir i don’t own this laptop model, once in a while i keep an eye on your HDX mod thread, so i remember that you could be the best candidate to help this user from Spain, regards.

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Thank you both very much, this morning I will buy an antenna and will comment on my results. I discovered this forum by chance and what I liked is that it is very technical, I will be very attentive to several very interesting posts. A hug

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This is the one that came with the laptop. Not sure if you can get it sent to spain but maybe do a search for it in your area or at least the EU

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Thanks josh