Who can give me an old, but working X79 mainboard? NOT REALLY GIVE ME ONE, BUT I WOULD APPRECIATE A QUICK READ

I wish to ask a question/favor… I wish to know if someone in the blogosphere perhaps has something that I am seriously in need of… I need a motherboard an x79 motherboard… I have been all over the internet attempting to find one for my foster son, his died about 6 months ago, and all the ones I have located are on sites like ebay and are seriously out of the price range that my wife and I can afford. He has a processor, but his board is dead… He wishes to have an x99 board however we cannot afford to buy him a processor for the x99 chipset. So I am hoping perhaps someone has an x79 board that they would be willing to part with at a decent price. My wish for him is to have a board with 8 memory slots, otherwise I guess its pretty well open to what I am looking for. If anyone can help please please please let me know… His system is to allow him online access for school he is a high school student with a mental health disorder known as Agoraphobia which has made it where he cannot go to school or have serious contact with people in a large group so we enrolled him in an online high school courses but without his system its gonna be hard to keep him in the course. I wish I could tell you all about this kid but I feel it would be long winded. I will simply say that 3 years ago he came home for his winter break from school and he found his father whom had just committed suicide. He was the one whom found him he was 13 years old, he was a straight A student in 8th grade. Since then he has further and further fell into a depression without much to hold on to. He has a huge heart though, He goes outside at 3 or 4 in the morning & goes around to the elderly & single Moms homes in our neighborhood & shovels their drive & walk ways. He shovels with a shovel, we own a snow blower but he doesn’t use it, he goes out there & shovels, now I am not saying he shovels everyone’s drive or walk ways, he shovels houses with single mothers, the elderly & 2 handicap family’s. He does not tell them it was he, he just does it before they get up in the morning so that they will not have to walk in deep snow or have to pay for someone else to do it for them. Some of the folks have come over to thank him & offer him money for doing it, he is really quite shy he tells them that no payment is necessary & says that Random Acts of Kindness are not meant to be accepted by the offer of money, a simple thank you is far more than he could ask for but it’s worth more than any diamond, gold or dollar amount that he could put on a few hours of work. I always find it funny I guess he being outside first thing in the morning with a shovel, I mean we have a snow blower, yet he goes out there with a shovel at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning & by 7 am he has over a two dozen Driveways & Walkways completely shoveled & I see kids waiting out front of their driveways for the bus, and they are not having to walk through 7in of snow. This year here in Vermont we got hit with almost 2 feet of snow over night & he was out there shoveling first thing in the morning. Somehow it makes him feel something, although I cannot place an emotion on it but if it helps him than I am all for it. He for the most part does not even get a thank you from anyone; most people have yet to figure out that it is him doing the work. He does not interact with people so that is why he goes out so early & he is so quite. So him doing the things he does, although it goes un-noticed or maybe unappreciated by some or perhaps underappreciated by others I think it is very sweet that he does these little things to help people. Like I said it was gonna be long winded, please let me know… Thanks everyone

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EDIT by Jordyn Kent: I’m not looking for a free board or for someone to simply give me one for free really, I would never expect a hand out that is not who I am or who my family is, and my foster son would feel ashamed if I were to ask for a hand out. especially if he felt I ask for a hand out for him. It would break his heart, if anyone can help it would be a blessing but that is what I am asking. Also if the answer is no one has an x79 board does anyone have an x99 board and processor combo that is a decent price. I am willing to pay for a board or for a combo I would simply never expect a handout. just not a rich family but I would pay someone via paypal for something

You can create donation via paypal and may be get help by money. I doubt you will find many X79 boards because they were too expensive back then and were quickly out of popularity.