Who here is planning to upgrade to a Haswell-E setup?


I am finally planning to upgrade my old Intel x58 system for something newer.

I am planning to upgrade to a Haswell-E setup, the 5930K with a decent motherboard and
memory for it and a new CPU heatsink and Fan and of course a new case to put it all in.

In the next month or so I plan to start saving up for the new setup.

I have just been reading up and it seems the x99 boards will natively support TRIM in RAID 0
without having to mod the board BIOS or Intel option ROM which is good news for those of
us that combine 2 or more SSDs in RAID0 mode.

I can’t wait to try this kind of system out and to try a bit of BIOS modding on these boards.

Think I’ll join ;-)… I wait till end of year to see how everything works (DDR4 etc) and then upgrade MoBo, RAM and CPU.

If you want to get native TRIM in RAID0 support without the need of any BIOS modding, you don’t need to buy an X99 mainboard. All Intel chipset mainboards from Z77 up do support this feature.

I did know that newer Intel chipsets supported TRIM in RAID0 but didn’t know which chipsets.

I am not upgrading to a Haswell-E based on TRIM in RAID0. That would really be stupid.

I think the Haswell-E should be a decent upgrade performance and feature wise from my Intel x58 system.

All Intel 7-, 8- and 9-Series Chipsets with an Intel SATA RAID Controller natively do support the TRIM in RAID0 feature.

Thanks Fernando for letting me know. I expect there will be a lot of modding discussion, overclocking help and etc for the x99 boards here after the Haswell-E is available.