Who is willing to pay for an Intel driver modding tutorial?

I’ve been going through all these threads about drivers. Most threads say they are outdated, some say a tutorial is coming, some say they cannot post the link on this forum.

Even though I cannot actually find the modded drivers, I did read that they are hex edited, which means that it’s impossible to know exactly what was changed. But if someone can make a tutorial which shows what code is changed exactly for USB and NVME drivers so that even a noob like me could complete the process and be sure there is nothing nefarious, well I’d be willing to donate like $60+ How many other people would be willing to donate?

Also, if a tutorial is indeed coming, what kind of time frame are we looking at?

Thank you.

As you surely know, the hex code of all drivers (*.SYS files) is Copyright protected. To avoid legal problems with the chipset manufacturers a publication of a hex code modded driver or a guide about how to do it are not allowed here.
If you want to know how to modify a *.SYS file, you should post your request elsewhere, but not into this Forum.