Why is this BIOS update ROM larger than the flash chip? Bios Clevo 870DM-G

I was very unlucky where power interruption had happened during bios flashing process and therefore i have no display to the monitor now.
Then i decided to re flash on my own using ch341 tools i bought on ali.
According to chipset manual my chip size is only 8mb in size (25q80dvsig) but when i extracted the bios file, file has 8mb( 8,388,608 bytes) size so i whenever i try to flash to my new chipset i got error like
“Bios file larger than flash chipset” pop out during programming.
I would appreciate if somebody can help me here. Sorry for bad english
bios file was shared in this link:original.zip - Google Drive

Always check datasheet! 25q80 = 8 MBit = 1 MByte => This is not the bios firmware chip!

ALWAYS make a backup/dump before you overwrite a chip.

Post/ attach a valid dump of the correct corrupt(?) chip!