Will Future Intel Systems work with Open-Source Firmware?


According to the Coreboot camp, future Intel systems with FSP 3.0 and Universal Scalable Firmware (USF) will be even less friendly for open-source system firmware.

Coreboot developer Philipp Deppenwiese “Zaolin” who is CEO of German-based security firm Immune and founder of 9elements Security and heavily involved in the open-source firmware scene shared some bad news this week.

For eveyone wondering what’s @IntelSoftware planning for the Firmware Support Package 3.0 #fsp and USF is basically going fully closed-source on the firmware side. This means Intel’s #fsp decides to drop #OSF open-source firmware. It’s really a shame… https://universalscalablefirmware.github.io/documentation/

Heads up for your next system build, perhaps we’ll be supporting AMD in it’s efforts.
My mama told me you better shop around!


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