Will there be more specific BIOS Modding Guides?

Will there be a guide to insert raw files to the bios? Or a virtual filesystem image to run applications in uefi shell? For example gop vbt file? Ramtester, ruu, linux kernel? Thx

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@Kocoman : Thanks for your request/proposal.
You are right - although we are offering here a lot of specific BIOS modding Guides, there are still some of them missing.
Everyone is invited to write and publish any guide, which is helpful for the Forum members/visitors. What about you?

I am trying now to insert GOP/VBT into tianocore uefipayload / coreboot… will report something if I don’t brick the system or before the forum closes… I’ve been registered for over 10 years, but now have the effort to do bios modding but the forum is closing…

@Kocoman : Since your request has nothing to do with the thread where it was posted, I have moved our discussion into a new thread.
By the way - >here< is your requested Guide.
Regarding your worry about a soon closure of the Forum I can give the information, that it is meanwhile rather unlikely, that the Forum will close at the end of the year. It seems, that it will go on.

also been recently compiling some tianocore/coreboot firmware for baytrail tablets (hudl2), with coreboot it was simply a case of downloading the vbios from intel’s FSP github and then specifying it as a vga rom in the make menuconfig option.

@Kocoman @jbab3844
I have customized the thread title, because the VBT/GopDriver BIOS Modding Guide already exists (link is above).