Win XP 32 bit on z77 and modern display

Hello guys, i really need your help.
Im planning to build a new pc for running windows xp 32 bit, for play some old fps games.

I already have a z77 platform with intel i5 3450, so it should be fully compatible with xp.

The problem is that, i have a 1920x1080 240hz monitor, it has only hdmi and displayport… is there any way for use it on XP 32 bit?
Or at least @ 144hz?
I read it depends mostly from the GPU, i was thinking about GTX 970, as it should have xp 32bit drivers…
But first to buy other parts, i want know if is a possible project.

If is there also unofficial methods , i would really like to know! Is very important for me.

Thanks guys!


XP will definitely work on z77, I’m pretty sure it’s officially compatible with XP.

I don’t know about 240hz, but 144hz definitely works.

GTX 970 will work unofficially, you will need to mod an INF file to get it to install the driver though.

i must be 100% secure that at least 144hz will work at 1080p with display port…

Please i need a detailed guide :smiley:
What driver i need for gtx 970? the 344.11?
How to mod it?
And what XP 32 BIT? the service pack 3?


XP SP3 will work just fine.

If you don’t want to be bothered doing an INF mod you can use 344.11 and it’ll work.

If you want to use 368.81 then extract the installer .exe into a folder and then go to

add these

look for

%NVIDIA_DEV.1401% = Section008, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1401

add below it

%NVIDIA_DEV.13C2% = Section008, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_13C2

also, look for

NVIDIA_DEV.1401 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960"

add below it

NVIDIA_DEV.1401 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960"
NVIDIA_DEV.13C2 = “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970”

save changes to nv4_dispi.inf and then go run

Thanks a lot!
But what is better 344 or 368?
And i dont need any mod for 344?


is best.
No mod needed, works also for gtx 980

Thanks guys! really!! when i will have all components, i will try it!
I hope monitor will work good!

thanks again, number ones!

Two last question:
What is the correct 344.11 driver?
Becouse i find three different 341.11 drivers, one size 224mb, 214 and 179mb… im getting confused. :frowning:

im reading also that Xp only support display port 1.1, and maybe it cant handle 1080p 144hz…
Is that true?


use this link -…ternational.exe

referenced here -…0-and-up-found/

not true, It handles 1080p 144hz just fine.

I update,
I installed xp 32 bit, a bit tricky, but everything is working.
My monitor runs at 144hz 1080p, with that driver.
But cant at 240hz :frowning:
I can see it from nvidia control panel, but when i select “240 hz” and clicl apply, i got black screen with some artifacts.
If i reboot i have same black screen,
Had to use HDMI for uninstall nvidia driver and clean install again.

So only 144hz.
Its acceptable.

But how to use 240hz? I think is some xp limitation!


I only have 144hz monitors on my end, from my testing I knew that 144hz worked, but I have no 240hz monitors so I could not test for that.

It is strange that 240hz does not work, I don’t see why it would not.
Can you set a custom resolution for 240hz?

I cant set custom resolution becouse it says “unable to select double resolution ” becouse 1920x1080 240hz its already on the list in Nvidia control panel.
If i go on refresh rate i actually see 60-120-144-200-240hz options.

As you can see i can choose from 60 to 240hz in the list, but only 144hz works.
If i set 240hz i have black screen, if i set 200 hz i have this

Already tryed with both drivers


If 368.81 didn’t resolve the problem then I’m out of ideas.


Can you provide Brand and Model number of the monitor you are using?

I will have to look at specs and photos to see what’s the issue.

Are you preferring to use HDMI or DisplayPort and why?

If using DisplayPort you lose Audio and need a separate audio cable.

If you use HDMI you can combine Video with Audio in one cable so it is easier to hook up this way than a separate audio like TOSlink.

List what HDMI cable spec version you are using?

Also give entire Brand and Model of your graphics card.

Show the System Properties, General Tab - Information Window that lists your Computer Specs and Memory and snapshot that and upload here.

On Task Manager pull it up and screen shot that and upload here.

You are better to use the last nVidia XP driver version since it might fix more issues or increase more options.

Make sure your system has NEVER installed an AMD graphics card or it will have some driver remnants that can cause problems only a clean installation from scratch can fix since purging the registry is too big a job.

What games are you planning to play on it?

The reason why 144 hz works under Windows XP, but not 240 hz, is this:

Those Nvidia drivers for Windows XP; version 344 to 368 only support Displayport 1.1. Displayport 1.2 is unsupported. Highest refresh rate for Displayport 1.1 is 144 hz.

From the release notes for those drivers:

Unsupported Features Under Windows XP

The following are either features that are not supported under Windows XP, or feature limitations that exist under Windows XP:

Kepler GPU Limitations
Multi-display support
The 4-display support of Kepler GPUs1 is not available under Windows XP. Multi-display support is limited to two displays per Kepler GPU.
SLI Support
There is no support for SLI frame rendering (AFR/SFR) or SLI FSAA.

Unsupported Features

DisplayPort 1.2 functionality is not supported, including increased bandwidth (HBR2 mode) and multi-display streaming.