Win10 v1607/1703/1709 - which one do you prefer?

I would not install any Windows 10 version other than build 1607 (Anniversary Update) because 1607 is what MS uses for LTSB (Long Term Service Branch). It is all bug fixes, performance and security improvement. You can use Home, Pro, Enterprise, or any other version 1607 to get the benefits of it, not just the actual LTSB.

Creator’s Update Fall 1709 is very fresh, filled with bugs, bloated as hell, and many features are actually labeled as “experimental”. I mean take a look at release notes of the latest 1607 Cumulative Updates and 1709 release notes. In 1607 MS is fixing deep, rare issues because most of the topical ones were resolved after years of patching, while 1709 still has topic UI bugs. It took previous Creator’s Update Spring 1706 more than 6 months to be officially “ready for business deployment” and MS admitted that several issues related to performance and game performance cannot be resolved in 1706. Heck, whenever general population reports issues to MS about their OS, the most frequent response to is to run DISM Scan/RestoreHealth command that checks component store corruption and it took 3 months for MS to fix 1706 that came WITH corrupted component store! The only reason to go with 1709 is if you’re using hardware that can benefit from WDDM 2.3 and so far nobody even knows for sure what WDDM 2.3 brings to the table. WDDM 2.2 brought support for Virtual stuff and that’s still in infancy. WDDM 2.1, however, brought us the necessary DXGI 1.5, Shader Model 6.0 for DirectX 12_1, and HDR, many of which are mainstream features today. I understand those who want to stay on the latest OS, Windows 10, but those who want the latest build should ask themselves why it is they want it - better UI that important? Enjoying more MS Store bloatware? Your hardware benefits from WDDM 2.3? Think your games will run faster when Gaming Mode is enabled?

If you do decide to go with 1709 (for whatever reason…), then at least edit the image with MSMG Toolkit (totally free) and remove as much crap as you can/want - . However, MS sort of hard-locked some features and now they cannot be removed.

@MonarchX I personally more concerned about the Windows security updates that provide additional protections against malicious attackers.

Frankly speaking, build 1607 > build 1703 but I do believe that 1709 will be decent update. Hence, I still recommend you guys to update the latest release version not "Preview".

Yes, just installed latest RedStone 3 ; 1709 build 16299.15 on my Win10 x64 .
It is this version we all get ,very soon, by Windows updates. No problems , so far , everything works fine and even no problems at all , with all my installed drivers !

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Its ok , just wanted to let people know about RedStone 3 , drivers related…
Thank you !

I had WAY less problems with 1607 than with 1703. 1703 was basically a nightmare. Got a lot better towards the very end. All in all though…not a pleasant experience. But so far 1709 seems like the best one yet. Here’s hoping it stays that way!

I’ve got the same version yesterday, but i have problems with my Raid: Windows is not recognizing it. More details: [Win10] System doesnt see Raid10 drives after fresh install
Did any of you, guys, have something similar? Should i try another version?

The latest version v1709 & there’re still some bugs need to be fixed.

Microsoft solved those issues;

17025 Preview;
- We fixed the issue where if you RDP into a PC running this build with certain GPU configurations, when you go to sign in to the PC locally it will appear stuck at a black screen with only the cursor available.
- We fixed an issue where toggling some DX9/DX10/DX11 games between windowed and fullscreen (for example using Alt + Tab) could result in the game window become black on certain PCs.

17017 Preview;
- We fixed an issue causing reduced performance in some DirectX 9 games running at high framerates. If you’re a fan of gaming, please take a moment to try playing your favorite games on this build and share feedback.
- We fixed an issue where certain graphics drivers might result in night light displaying with unexpected colors when enabled in recent builds.
- Going forward from this build, the settings to disable hibernate and Fast Startup will be preserved across upgrade.