Win10 - WinBuilder PESE / PXE 1809 Enterprise - offline installation VS + WDK


is there a way, to install Visual Studio + Windows Driver Kit Win 10 1809 - to an offline image?

@Ftmmsch - Setup a clean install in sysprep mode on spare drive or in virtual machine (be sure to uninstall VM Tools before pull if you do this), then install whatever you want, then use DISM and pull the WIM image and make a new installer ISO
There is lots of guides/methods about doing this in google, here is a few general examples…reference-image…de-sysprep.html…stallation.html…-10-using-dism/

Thank you for your information.

I guess, that i’ll have a problem left:

I would like to integrate it in par example: Win 10 PXE 1809 Enterprise.

Maybe, this isn’t possible, because of a “small” PXE environment?
Maybe, i must do this before i create a PXE form the win 10 Enterprise?

But: If i could do so: what does the PXE Builder with my “preinstalled” VS and WDK ?