Win10PE_SE_2020-03-28 stop building with Error: can not copy cmde.exe to xxxx WinPESE Temp ect.


Up until a few days ago I used Windows 7 to build some builds with "Win10PE_SE_2020-03-28".

Now I wanted to build one more.
But suddenly it is no longer possible.
Neither with PE SE nor with XPE.

Both stop with the error that cmd.exe cannot be copied to winPSE or PXE Temp ect.

So, it MUST be MY Windows - right?

sfc / scannow has brought nothing.
System restore either.
But: set up again? - Better not - too much has been installed …

Btw: I tested it on annother PC - using the same software - Worked PERFECT !
On this mashine, i did that before too.

I would be very grateful for any advice …


stil, i don’t know why, but now, i deleted space in the folder name, where the Builder is stored.

Now, it works.
But, why it run before - WITH space in the folder name - don’t know.