Win7 Cardreader driver for HP 440 G6

Hello to everyone. I’m trying to install Win7Pro to notebook HP Probook 440 G6. Almost everything is installed(but had to replace stock Intel 9560W wifi to the older one with supported dirvers), but I ran into sudden problem: such simple device as cardreader is not working in Win7. After SD card is plugged computer freezes for a while, gives window “card has to be formatted” and nothing more. Card has letter as disk, but every try to access it freezes program until I pull out the card. I know that build-in cardreader is not life-important, but it will be good if it is possible to use it :).
Device IDs for cardreader are following: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9DF5&SUBSYS_8537103C&REV_11

There are very strange drivers for WIN7 on the internet “Intel(R) SCS3: SD Card - 9DF5 (18.07.1968)”, this driver installs, but nothing changes in the system behavior.
Driver for WIN10 is named in other way “BayHubTech Integrated SD controller”, but there are no version with win7 support. I tried to edit its inf file to force install to win7, but I cannot find any familiar line to change(like NTamd64 or something like this). Can someone help me to edit inf file to install it to system?
Because I’m new user to community, I cannot upload file to post, and cannot give link to driver, but it can be easily found by IDs
Thank you for reply!

Hello! :wave:
Windows 10 driver should work with Windows 7. Can you try this driver:

Another one that may work:

O2Micro BayHubTech Integrated MMC/SD controller BH-201, Drivers Version

Thank you, Rupurudu and MeatWar for proposed drivers, but, unfortunately, they are not working. Setup file in both gives message “pnputil.exe is not a win32 application”, and direct searching for driver in device manager gives another message, that the best driver is already installed. My windows language is russian, so I cannot give exact errors text, but I hope you get what errors I see.
File bhtpcrdr.inf from contents of both drivers from x64\INF_install\Win10x64\ is the sample of inf file, that I can’t understand how to mod to win7. I simply don’t know what part of it prevents it from being installed into Win7

Upd: tried to force install file through “have disk” option - it installed, but gives 39 error…

I’m afraid you are out of luck, jmaster.

the bhtpcrdr.sys driver files found in v1.1.102.1029 of the O2micro Bayhubtech’s driver package depend on certain os “kernel” functions that are found only in Win10’s system files and not under Win7. the bhtpcrdr.sys driver will only load on recent Win10 versions (at least with build 15063 [v1703] or greater) and may not work on any OS below Win10 (not even Win8.x)

no INF mods will help at all on W7 as Bayhubtech designed that card reader driver that way to only run on Win10 & newer. plus the drivers are only digitally signed {whql certified} by MS for Win10 (the signature file has OSAttr value of 2:10.0, meaning NT 10.0)

you could try asking in the HP community forums notebook pc section but at this point it’s a longshot

Thank you for answer, erpster5z. That’s what I was afraid of, but nothing too critical :). I have both windows 10 and 7 on my notebook (but mostly using 7), and moreover I can simply use external cardreader. The only thing I’ve lost for now - possibility to have easy-to-transport SD-disk(3rd in system, near m2 and sata) that does not stick out of the notebook case (I used such for two previous notebooks). I don’t think that writing post on the HP forum can give positive result becasue they’ll surely redirect me to Intel and Intel surely doesn’t even bother about outdated Win7. In any case thank you again for answer :slight_smile:

you’re welcome, jmaster (sorry for the late response)

only workaround for Win7 is to purchase & connect a portable external usb card reader device. I bought a Digipower DP-MCR4 usb card reader stick (though in store and not online such as eBay) a few years ago that works with the built-in Win7 and Win10 drivers