Win7: nForce Ethernet driver problems


Also having a M2NPV-MX motherboard with NVIDIA nForce 430 with onboard GeForce 6150. As OS I have Win7 32-bit

I have a question regarding my network card with NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Microsoft driver v from 17.10.2008.

I am not able to set controller’s property Speed/Duplex Settings to 1Gbps because I don’t see it listed. I am not sure if this is an issue and I want to ask if you recommend another driver ???

Many Thanks

The RAR archive can only be unzipped by using WinRAR v5.xx or a modern version of 7-Zip.

Thanks Fernando,

Ok I managed to unzip it but when trying to update the software I got stuck again :). I get the following error:

"The required line was not found in the INF"

@4Kan4 :
Thanks for the screenshot. Unfortunately the OS doesn’t tell us, which line is missing within the INF file.
Please post the HardwareIDs of your on-board NVIDIA nForce Ethernet Controller (do a right-click onto it and choose the options “Properties” > “Details” > “Property” > “HardwareIDs”).


This thread is about Windows XP x64 and I have offered drivers for this specific OS.
Which is your OS?

Windows7 - x86

Sorry :(, I mentioned in my first post that I was looking for 32-bit version of drivers and I didn’t want to start a new Thread.

If you are searching for a Win7 x86 driver, you should not post into a thread about XP x64 drivers. This is misleading not only for me, but for all Forum visitors. I am sorry, that I have missed your introduction statement, that you are looking for a Win7 x86 driver. As you may have already realized, I am very busy here and didn’t expect, that someone, who us searching or a 32bit Win7 driver posts his request into a thread about XP x64 drivers.
By the way: All my attached nForce Ethernet drivers have been clearly declared by me for being designed just for Windows XP x64. Why didn’t you tell me earlier, that all my attached drivers are not suitable for you because of the wrong OS and the wrong architecture (32/64bit)?
To avoid any further misunderstanding I have split the formerly used thread and created a new thread for your specific problem.
Attached are now 2 different 32bit nForce Ethernet drivers, which will support Win7 and your specific MCP51 (nForce 430/410) system.

32bit nForce Ethernet driver v67.8.9 WHQL for Win7 x86.rar (456 KB)

32bit nForce Ethernet driver v73.3.5 WHQL for Win7 x86.rar (874 KB)

Sorry again for creating confusion :slight_smile:
I thought it was ok to post there and not create a new topic since it was describing the same problem as mine.

Anyway thank you for this new driver it seems to work fine :slight_smile: