[Win8.1] Missing Drivers

Someone help me, I have an Intel Celeron J4005 with UHD 600 and I want to use Windows 8.1, would it be possible for someone to help me with that
I would wish so

Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
The CPU (Intel Celeron J4005) and the Graphics Adapter (UHD 600) have nothing to do with the topic “Storage Drivers”. If you are searching for a matching AHCI, RAID or NVMe driver, you should give us information about the the in-use AHCI/RAID/NVMe Controller. You can find it within the section “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers” or “Storage Controllers” of the Device Manager.
What is your problem? What happens during the installation of Win8.1? Which devices are not supported by the OS?
Dieter (alias Fernando)