WinBond W25Q64JV - Failed BIOS Update

I ran a BIOS update as per Lenovo’s recommendation - 320-17IKB (80XM).

After an hour or so - the laptop turned off (was plugged in) and when I tried to switch it back on again - I just heard the fan spinning (at a high RPM) but no changes on the screen.
I removed the back cover - removed batteries (CMOS and OnBoard) for a minute or so - but no change.

I purchased a CH341 programmer, identified the BIOS chip and connected to it.
But it wont detect the Chip - I have tried - ASProgrammer, 1.18,1.4, and 1.29 - and none of them will detect.

I have checked the connections several times - tried with battery connected power in, battery disconnected, power in and no battery and no power including CMOS - nothing worked.

Is there anything I am missing?

Would appreciate any support - thanks in advance.