WinBuilder PE SE Win 10 1809 - driver problem


After, i created a Win 10 ISO with the preconfigured WinBuilderPESE for Win 10 1809.

Only one problem remains:
The “mouse driver” a little “misconfigured” by Microsoft: “Sermouse”!

Usually found at::
regedit → HKLM → System → CurrenControlSet → Services → Sermouse

This driver conflicts with some computers.
Named Toughbook models with GPS.

On the Internet I found evidence of a “solution”.
The driver cannot be removed.
But a tip helped me!
In the registry - at Sermouse - the value “Start” change from 3 to 4.

Anyway: my computers are affected and I want to configure the Win10PESE so that it runs on all computers without a driver conflict.

I took the EVAL Enterprise version as the basis for the WIN 10 PE SE 1809 because it only contains ONE version.
Now I had to mount the install.wim and the boot.wim one after the other in order to set the start value from 3 to 4 in “Sermouse” in the offline registry.

What struck me: !!
When you have mounted the respective registry,
you can find neither in the install.wim nor in the boot.wim - in the offline registry the key: “CurrentControlSet”!
There is ONLY: “Control001” !!!

I thought: No matter - keep going …

I created the Win 10 PE SE 1809 from the supposedly corrected
EVAL Enterprise Win 10 1809 …

After the Win10 PE SE ISO was created, i got shocked!
The start value of “sermouse” was 3 again !!!

So I did WHAT?
I expanded the WinBuilder PE SE ISO and did the same via DISM:
Change the start value of “sermouse” from 3 to 4.

Unfortunately, there is a crucial catch !!!
After I put the expanded ISO back together and burned it to DVD,
it doesn’t start anymore!
ONLY the unchanged ISO that WinBuilder created - starts!

Can someone help me?
Does anyone know HOW to proceed to get the changed ISO bootable after the assembly ???

Thanks in advance

Solved. !
I am soooooo stupid!

Here: this little man helped me out!

Have a nice weekend :slight_smile: