Windows 11 CPU requirements

According to Microsoft they have a strict security policy for windows 11. In their Intel supported CPUs list they will not support CPUs prior to the 8th gen.

As far as I know Intel 8th gen and Intel 7th gen have the same microarchitecture, in fact they list some 8th gen and Xeon CPUs but not the 7th gen CPUs that have the same ID, for example CPU IDs 50654, 50657, 5065A, 806E9, 806EA, 906EB etc…

Do CPUs with the same ID have different security vulnerabilities or just Microsoft is doing this for the economical reasons?

I believe the reason Microsoft is doing this so that when an average user will see that his PC is can’t run windows 11 will consider buying a new PC, so both Microsoft and hardware manufactures will benefit from it financially, and it has nothing to do with security.

What do you think of this policy, it is really for security reasons or just so Microsoft will only get financial benefits for this?


The restriction is artificial and can be easily bypassed

see MJD’s videos on the matter

The question is not about you can or you can’t install windows 11, it is about the real purpose to not support some CPUs although they have the same ID and Microcode of the supporte CPUs

Any how, Microsoft is considering changing their policy about the minimum requirement for the CPU concerning the 7th gen after I sent them a feedback that 7th gen and 8th gen have the same microarchitecture and even the same ID and Microcode.

There is no reason to exclude the 7th gen other than financial and economical reasons.

Microsoft is doing it for security reasons.and upgrade is free.if your system has the requirements it will cost you nothing.
nonetheless,pc manufacturers will pay microsoft for the rights,and they will sell you a new both sides will earn a good deal of money with this move as well.

they may change minimum requirements for cpus but the main problem (your’s and everyone else’s) still would be TPM version

and for the others,you may want to check if you are using the latest bios version for your PC. see your motherboard or pc manufacturers’s website in order to do that.
some settings may not be visible for you to see,not every bios is the same.
update the bios,load defaults,save&exit (cmos reset),then re-enter the bios to configure the optimal settings as your liking/setup.

Also,If the TPM is a TPM 2.0 and is not detected by Windows, verify that your computer hardware contains a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) that is Trusted Computing Group-compliant. Also, ensure that in the UEFI settings, the TPM has not been disabled or hidden from the operating system
In that case or for troubleshooting or for updating the TPM chip’s firmware;

Open the Windows Defender Security Center app.
Click Device security.
Click Security processor details.
Click Security processor troubleshooting.
Click Clear TPM

In some cases,upgrading TPM 1.2,1.6 to 2.0 is possible
Adding a chip to a motherboard is possible as well but really hard.

side note,microsoft’s app is abit rushed therefore prone to errors.wait for new versions.
it’s not even recognising Trusted platform modules (PTT for Intel, fTPM for Amd) on some systems.
TPM via firmware for CPUs in short.

@onuracengiz Why would i install Acer BIOS on my MSI laptop other than bricking my laptop? I already have the latest bios for my model, modified with the latest module and Microcode.

@jen11 Wrong copy paste from different sorry about that.even line was out of context

I wonder if microsoft will still insist on the minimum CPU and TPM requirements given that you can bypass them so easily.

More to the point, why would you even want windows11, its even worse than 10

Here it is strange that the 7820HQ/7820X is on a compatible list
and 7820HK missing

performance for unsupported CPU in win11 ?? possible compare my 7820hk in win10 21h1 / identical bios modules / updates "custom gt75 7re"
or have any issue with this cpu in win11 ??

but i need know your RAM / CPU configuration …I use my own
not have any errors in event viewer ?? MSI - no updates “bios/ec” even the latest win 10 is not fully supported

interesting , only cpu in microsoft Surface Studio works
others brand + 7820hq is unsupported


It’s entirely arbitrary, everyone knows this.
If you want to install windows 11 on unsupported hardware you can use the known registry keys to bypass the restriction.

I know.,
i just don’t understand why it’s still not officially for the some 7th CPUs ,when in the microsoft Surface Studio it is officially supported

i don’t plan windows 11


there would be little chance if they would bring any performance for 3d or cpu
,.but I think it’s rather worse for the old hw

and on win10 works all old drivers ,games
i no need new system “current” works fine for my work + my old HW

fyi all devices i have installed windows 11 on now run faster with 11 than they do with 10. i think microsoft slowed down windows 10 in later builds to make windows 11 look faster. no 64 bit cpu so far has not installed or functioned correctly. i don’t think going down this secure boot avenue is a safe one. it’s the old freedom in exchange for fake security. it’s about control. it’s about later on tying in secure boot with digital online identity. it’s about locking down the os like they’ve done with android on bootloader locked devices and preventing end users doing what they want. so in my opinion, whenever they gloat about something being secure or safer, it’s code word for control. … while im on a rant i might aswell mention that antivirus is more about stealing your data and scrubbing data off your hard drive than it is about virus protection.

Yeah, 10/11 are complete shite.

Mate windows7 was the last decent OS microsoft made, 10 and 11 are so damn bad ive switched to an apple macbook. mojave OS has none of the stupid problems 10 or 11 have and its twice as fast. If anyone absolutely has to use windows10 the ONLY one i can recommend is Windows10 Enterprise LTSB

Aha, i’m sticking with 7. My h/w is working so i don’t care about anything else.