Windows 11 is out Now!

Windows 11 is out Now!
You can download the Windows 11 ISO now.

CSM boot files are still there, so bypassing TPM and Secure Boot should still be possible for anyone interested.

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Don’t know how theyve managed it but 11 is even worse than 10

I believe they will improve Windows 11 with time.
Features like support for Android apps seem very interesting…

Windows 11 very bad because i don’t like it

I’m on 11 and don’t really see a reason to think it’s worse than 10. Didn’t find any bugs or compatibility problems so far.

11 Pro works fine on my ASUS X-79 Deluxe. Did not bypass TPM.

I tried it for 2 months and rolled back to 10, ui started to feel very sluggish, like animations were too much for my rtx 2070 to handle, cpu temps were at least 5 degrees celcius higher in idle than on win 10, I guess constant 3-5% cpu usage in the background had something to do with that (on win10 it’s not more than 1% when I’m not doing anything). Will try it again when they patch it up.